Category: Profiles

Eric shares his story from struggling with an eating disorder, to coaching people to help heal their relationship with food and their bodies.

Ryan shares his love of being creative, debunks some of the myths surrounding diabetes, and about what it's like living with this condition.

Steve Veasey candidly discusses his life, his epilepsy, and how his journey has brought him back full circle to his first love - illustration.

Kevin Culliney advocates for cancer awareness and seeking out second opinions and alternatives. He shares his remarkable story of survival, from diagnosis with stage IV cancer.

Danielle shares her incredible story of survival against domestic violence and how she now advocates and champions for those who have lost their own voice and agency to this evil.

After his layoff, Nicholas Whitaker co-founded the Changing Work Collective, become a life and career coach and devoted himself to improving workplaces, leaders and work culture.

Brandon shares his story, from his diagnosis with non-Hodgkin lymphoma to his aggressive treatment and current remission from the disease. He also talks about his fundraising.

Bob Knuckey, 75-year-young, endurance athlete extraordinaire became a 2-time, age-group IRONMAN world champion this year in Nice, France.

Ruthie shares her story of courage and determination as she balances motherhood, trail running, and getting diagnosed with cancer during COVID.

Eric Duplain defines generosity, kindness and selflessness, and possesses the sheer determination and talent to master whatever he sets his mind to.

Ryan Grant Little shares his story from serial entrepreneur to angel investor and food tech ambassador. He also talks about his ongoing charitable and humanitarian efforts.

Jillian Best shares her inspiring journey from liver transplant recipient to becoming a world record holding swimmer and the first transplant recipient to swim across Lake Ontario.

Michelle juggles many roles with pride: mother, wife, volunteer, her career; yet she maintains a humble, quiet resiliency, as a daily reminder of the dangers of COVID-19.