More Than Our Story

More Than Our Story

Welcome to More Than Our Story, a health and wellness company. We profile outstanding people, inspiring others to greatness – one story at a time. The company was conceived shortly after its founder was diagnosed with brain cancer. He founded the company to share his story with others, promote ways to live healthier, lead more active lives, and to share stories of other survivors and everyday heroes. We hope you find the articles and hero profiles as educational and inspiring as we do. Also, check out our shop, where we donate a portion of each sale, to a featured cause of your choosing.

Heroes Us All

All around us walk heroes. It’s not that they have surmounted seemingly impossible tasks, they haven’t been diagnosed with some incurable disease – it’s their inner strength and resolve they show in the face of adversity that makes them heroes. Some we know, others we remain unaware of, but the courage, strength and commitment they display is shared by each other of them. More Than Our Story was conceived around the idea of sharing their stories, and in doing so, hoping to inspire the readers to strive for greatness themselves. Below are some of the profiles of these everyday heroes and inspiring people. Inside each of us lies a hero. Heroes us all.

Current Profile

Eric shares his story from struggling with an eating disorder, to coaching people to help heal their relationship with food and their bodies.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness are often used as popular catchphrases these days. To us it’s simple: Live life with a positive outlook and take care of your body and mind both inside and out. The below articles focus on practices and techniques that can be incorporated into your life to unsure optimal health and wellness, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Stephen Glaus shares his MS story, what it's like living a day in his life, and his mindset on waging war daily against this disease.

Art is more than just a celebration of creativity - it’s a testament to the enduring power of creativity to inspire, educate, heal, and unite us.


Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial to a long, happy and healthy life. The below articles share workouts, techniques and strategies to help you achieve your fitness goals.

From Our Kitchen To You

It’s what we fuel ourselves with that determines how well we feel, heal, and perform. There are no shortcuts to health, happiness and an active lifestyle, however these articles will not only inspire but hopefully take some of the guess work out of the age old question “what’s for dinner?”. Some inspired eating, from our kitchen to you.

Traditional sushi cones have evolved, with soy wraps emerging as a new, popular and versatile twist on the traditional form.


There’s more to life than eating well and staying active, there’s well… life itself. The following articles will inspire you to get up, get out, and life our best life.

How triathlon helps maintain my positivity, gives me a sense of accomplishment, a supportive community, and has helped me come to terms with my illness.

My Journey

Follow along with our founder Daniel Hight as he lays bare his thoughts and experiences with his journey with brain cancer.

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