More Than Our Story

A Gift In Disguise

A Wonderful Realization

During my post-operative recovery I was talking with a friend about the recent and unexpected changes in my life. I reflexively said that I would not change a thing given the chance. He was taken aback the moment I said that – as was I upon realizing what I had just said. Upon introspection I’ve come to realize that my diagnosis and resultant experience was truly a gift in disguise – it gave me two valuable things people often struggle with: knowledge, and purpose.

Most people never come face to face with death. For those that do the experience is often freeing and formative - to come away from a near death experience unchanged would be unusual. I now know how I may likely die, and there's a sense of comfort in that - an inner peace granted through knowledge and embraced through acceptance. The release I felt from the fear of the unknown was truly a gift in disguise.

My diagnosis changed me. I knew that I wanted to live life to the fullest - never taking anything for granted and being the best person I could. I knew immediately that I wanted to give back, to share my story, and to help others. I didn't know it then, but More Than Our Story was born that day.

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Daniel is an extremely curious person, a wealth of random knowledge and facts. Extremely passionate about a vast array of interests ranging from health to history, science to athletics, everything culinary and the list goes on. Trust us, you would want to be on his team for Trivial Pursuit. Daniel is also years into his battle with brain cancer. He experienced a seizure while on a Zoom call at work in late 2020 and quite literally, his life changed within minutes. After his operation he started to talk about his story but had always known it was more than just him. From then, More Than Our Story became a PROJECT that has evolved into the starting point it is today.

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